Why Do We Travel?

To Go… We go. We simply choose a location that seems appealing for one reason or another, spend time researching and planning, and we go there. Yet, in all of it, do we ever ask ourselves, why have we chosen the destination? Or, more importantly, why do we travel at all? “We are inundated with advice on where to travel […]

6 Air Travel Essentials for Kids

Travel, especially by air, can be plain boring for any of us. It can be particularly brutal for young children who aren’t equipped to sit still for hours.  However, after numerous flights, including a 16-hour flight from San Francisco to Sydney, I promise that you and the kids can do it. Mac and Miss V have helped me come up […]

DIY Snack Kits, Perfect Travel Food

Whether you’re taking a road trip or traveling by plane, DIY snack kits are the perfect meal break to satisfy the belly and the budget. Fast food is a travel treat in our family, but we know it isn’t particularly good for us. Airlines don’t offer the healthiest options, either, and they often come at a price.  Snack kits we’ve […]

A Sense of Travel

When it comes to traveling and experiencing the world as a family, sometimes we just don’t have the time, the funds, or the ability. Yet, our hearts still long to hop on a plane and become immersed in another city, country and culture.  There are ways we can get a sense of travel, though. We just need to use our […]

Searching for Something

The Low Points After weeks of social distancing, quarantine, and/or limited access to the outside world, many of us are finding ourselves a bit low. We’re missing our connections with others. Our bank accounts are dwindling, and our mental and physical health may be, too. Worst of all, for those of us new to working, parenting, and teaching under one […]

A New Normal…Again

We’re lost, floating adrift in unfamiliar waters… Stumbling Towards a New Normal These days, amidst the social distancing and self-isolation brought about by the arrival of COVID-19, most of us are scrambling to find our “new normal,” and it’s not proving easy.  We went from having solid, carefully honed family routines to suddenly having to work, teach and parent ALL […]

Getting Fit in Life and On the Road: The Journey

It’s not about weight loss or being ‘thin.’ Getting in a good workout is all about having a habitual routine and a commitment to yourself. Traveling, however, is a break from our regular, day-to-day lives and can cause a hiccup in our exercise habits. Parents, this simple difference in routine is not unlike other major changes in our lives, like, […]

Venice, Italy — Part III: More of the Family Affair — Our Firsts in Arrival, Lodging and Meals

Our Arrival If you’ve read my previous post Venice, Italy — Part II: The Family Affair — Arrival & Public Transport, you can probably guess that we arrived there by train.  Specifically, we took a Eurocity (EC) train, operated by ÖBB (Austria’s train system) direct from Munich to Venice. There were numerous stops along the nearly 7-hour journey, but we […]