Why Do We Travel?

To Go… We go. We simply choose a location that seems appealing for one reason or another, spend time researching and planning, and we go there. Yet, in all of it, do we ever ask ourselves, why have we chosen the destination? Or, more importantly, why do we travel at all? “We are inundated with advice on where to travel […]

6 Air Travel Essentials for Kids

Travel, especially by air, can be plain boring for any of us. It can be particularly brutal for young children who aren’t equipped to sit still for hours.  However, after numerous flights, including a 16-hour flight from San Francisco to Sydney, I promise that you and the kids can do it. Mac and Miss V have helped me come up […]

Venice, Italy — Part III: More of the Family Affair — Our Firsts in Arrival, Lodging and Meals

Our Arrival If you’ve read my previous post Venice, Italy — Part II: The Family Affair — Arrival & Public Transport, you can probably guess that we arrived there by train.  Specifically, we took a Eurocity (EC) train, operated by ÖBB (Austria’s train system) direct from Munich to Venice. There were numerous stops along the nearly 7-hour journey, but we […]

“Adventures” in Travel — We’re Experts-in-Training, Too

We call our travels, “adventures” because somehow, with all of the ups, downs, and problem-solving that goes on, that’s exactly what they feel like sometimes, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. I know. I know. As a parent, the idea of leaving the house, let alone the state or country, with small children (in my case, two children under the age of nine) can seem like an adventure in itself, as well as a daunting test of one’s patience and sanity. So, why would we ever want to take that show on the road (or the plane) to foreign lands?