About Us

Air travel and globetrotting are a huge part of our family of four, and even though we travel often, challenges are always likely to arise. These hiccups, snafus, and predicaments only help us to learn and adapt not only as travelers, but as parents as well.

Each time we go somewhere, we try new things and new ideas, we make observations about ourselves and the world, and always we have an adventure! From “Why not?” to “What if?” and baggage to budgeting, feel free to join in our adventures, learn from and laugh with us at our mistakes, and maybe gain or share a few traveling parent ideas of your own.

Maggie V

I’m a traveler, an educator, and a parent who is passionate about all of it. I studied journalism and creative writing in school, traveled much of western Europe, spent a few years as a flight attendant, met Mr. V and got my master’s degree in education while becoming a parent to Mac and Miss V.
First Trip Outside of the U.S.: Cancun, Mexico (Age 8)
Favorite Place Visited: Sydney, Australia and Venice, Italy
Dream Destination(s): Everywhere. Though, I’m really ready to start visiting South America, Asia and Africa.
Travel Must-Have: A sense of adventure and a willingness to adapt.

Mr. V

I dabble in economics, finance, aviation, and photography. While I visited cities across the U.S. as a kid, including a trip to Hawaii, I didn’t start traveling internationally until after I met Maggie.
First Trip Outside of the U.S.: Cancun, Mexico (as an adult)
Favorite Place Visited: Venice, Italy
Dream Destination(s): An island resort with over-water bungalows
Travel Must-Have: A good camera

Mac V

I’m into cars, planes, and sometimes trains. The contents of the recycling bin is a source of design inspiration that I use (along with other toys) to create airports, vehicles, and space ships, among other things. I like everything about traveling, especially the airports, airplanes and hotel rooms.
First Trip Outside of the U.S.: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Age 3.5)
Favorite Place Visited: Santa Fe, New Mexico (because of Meow Wolf)
Dream Destination(s): The North Pole (to see where Santa lives) as well as London & Paris (to see Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower)
Travel Must-Have: Travel Bear and Brownie (my twin stuffed bears)

Miss V

I’m an artist who will make any surface my canvas (see the walls, countertops, blinds and cabinets in our house). I love sparkle-eyed stuffies, puzzles, and anything cute. When we travel, I like watching movies on the airplane and taking photographs with my dad’s smartphone or camera.
First Trip Outside of the U.S.: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Age 16 months)
Favorite Place Visited: Rome, Italy (“because we got to tour a castle and see all the old stuff.”)
Dream Destination(s): Somewhere with a beach (to play in the sand)
Travel Must-Have: Bunny (my favorite stuffy)