Atlanta, Georgia: A (Brief) History Lesson

On our latest adventure (and attempt at authentic educational experiences), we discovered that even if you’re only able to explore a site for the briefest of moments, you’ll still walk away having learned something. Monday, January 20, 2020, was Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States, a day that honors him, his birthday (on January 15, 1929) and […]

Travel: The Ultimate in Authentic Learning

Whenever we travel to enhance learning for our children, we all gain further insight from the tangible and often immersive interactions that we have. Even if you’ve read about an important or historical person, locale or event previously, or you simply remember learning about it in school a few decades ago, it truly comes to life when you can experience it on a more intimate level.

Venice, Italy — Part I: The Love Affair

On a sunny day, the city of Venice is at her best. Architecturally marvelous buildings, weathered by time and tides, rise out of the milky aquamarine waters that weave through her canals. The soft sounds of small, lapping, lagoon waves are temporarily broken by the buzzing and chatter brought in by streams of passing tourists. The water buses (s. vaporetto; pl. vaporetti) rumble and whir as they come to pause at floating stations, letting passengers off and on, while seagulls float on the breeze overhead and pigeons waddle around the piazza.

“Adventures” in Travel — We’re Experts-in-Training, Too

We call our travels, “adventures” because somehow, with all of the ups, downs, and problem-solving that goes on, that’s exactly what they feel like sometimes, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. I know. I know. As a parent, the idea of leaving the house, let alone the state or country, with small children (in my case, two children under the age of nine) can seem like an adventure in itself, as well as a daunting test of one’s patience and sanity. So, why would we ever want to take that show on the road (or the plane) to foreign lands?