Venice, Italy — Part III: More of the Family Affair — Our Firsts in Arrival, Lodging and Meals

Our Arrival If you’ve read my previous post Venice, Italy — Part II: The Family Affair — Arrival & Public Transport, you can probably guess that we arrived there by train.  Specifically, we took a Eurocity (EC) train, operated by ÖBB (Austria’s train system) direct from Munich to Venice. There were numerous stops along the nearly 7-hour journey, but we […]

Venice, Italy — Part I: The Love Affair

On a sunny day, the city of Venice is at her best. Architecturally marvelous buildings, weathered by time and tides, rise out of the milky aquamarine waters that weave through her canals. The soft sounds of small, lapping, lagoon waves are temporarily broken by the buzzing and chatter brought in by streams of passing tourists. The water buses (s. vaporetto; pl. vaporetti) rumble and whir as they come to pause at floating stations, letting passengers off and on, while seagulls float on the breeze overhead and pigeons waddle around the piazza.